MyStoryland: we turn your dreams into books

We are the magical place where stories come alive. To all readers, big and small alike, we offer the key for them to immerse themselves in stories and learn to love them. A key that beats like a heart, floats as light as a cloud and releases the sweet fragrance of a flower. A key in the form of a personalised story.

We all have dreams, big and small: be the main character in yours!

Why not? We touch the moon with our fingers, we fly with dragons, we hug giants (and grandparents), we meet little princes and their roses... In MyStoryland all these dreams can come true. Ours, yours. Dreams of those who race in wheelchairs. Those with blue eyes, and also those with curly, jet-black hair. Everyone’s!

Ingredients to make dreams come true


Our stories teach, entertain, charm, and are the best friends of those who dare to believe in magic.


Our stories embrace all of their readers, regardless of their context or ideology, and are forthright in their fight against any type of discrimination.


Every one of our stories has a why. This is the backbone of our mission to create a better world, full of love and imagination so our readers grow up happy.


Once upon a time...Every unforgettable tale has a good story, characters full of love, unforgettable lessons and a lot of imagination. And, in MyStoryland, we have the best main characters: You!

Join the dream revolution!

In MyStoryland we dream of being bridges. Bridges to fantastical worlds, but also to a better world, in which reading is a revolution that creates a happy childhood for all children.

How do we do it?

micuentoOur stories are inclusive in their personalization and illustrations: we include all types of family structures and offer a wide range of illustrations so children as well as adults can feel represented.
micuentoWe also publish our books in an adapted edition for dyslexic readers, in collaboration with Change Dyslexia.
micuentoWe are pioneers in personalized audiobooks, an innovative and accessible way to experience books. And, on top of this, children love them!
micuentoWe collaborate with the NGO Akshy, which works to improve literacy in areas of India where education is difficult to access.
micuentoWe work with extraordinary people who inspire us to keep fighting for our dreams. We do this in an inclusive work environment that is respectful of different work-life balance requirements.
To read one of our stories is not simply to read, but to dream, to make the world a better place and create equal opportunities for all.micuento

Ingredients to make dreams come true


Did you know that every time you say “I love you” your body (and his or hers) secretes the happiness hormone?


As Charlie Chaplin said, “ A day without laughter is a day wasted”.


Because the home is a place to celebrate love. And there is space for every family in the nests of MiCuento!


Shared adventures are always best!


Stories which give a hug and help to work on emotions and self-esteem.

Better worldBetter world

Words are powerful. Discover books to change the world, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals


Special powers, mythological animals and spells... Discover the power of fantasy!


To grow up knowing that cooperation and generosity make us better people.


Without poetry, the moon is just the moon. Our pages are filled with delicacy and musicality!

Positive attachmentPositive attachment

It immerses young children in stories to foster emotional ties to their environment.


Is the impossible possible? You just have to think of a way to make it happen with creativity and ingenuity!

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